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Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

Soft skill training is being prioritized by organizations as, today, it is recognized as essential in relationships. Often we are asked the question, “What are soft skills?” Soft skills are personal characteristics that relate to a person's capability to interact effectually with others. Simply put, it is all about empathy. The importance of soft skills is not restricted to work but, in fact, is vital in all areas of life.

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It is often said that ‘IQ gets you hired, EQ gets you promoted’. Initially soft skills was stressed in trainings conducted for the front line and middle management based on the assumption that senior level executives are adept at it. However, today it is a vital part of leadership training. There is a significant body of research, which focuses on the importance of soft skills in leaders. Business today mandates that C-level executives will not simply manage their own business areas but they will also impact key decisions by making contributions to the CEO. “The C-level person today needs to be more team-oriented, capable of multitasking continuously and leading without rank, and able to resist stress and make sure that his subordinates do not burn out. And he needs to do all of this with a big smile in an open plan office. In other words, we’re looking at a whole new breed of top executives.” as one executive recruiter stated in the Harvard Business Review Article, ‘The New Path to C-Suite’ . This article stresses on the importance of soft skills in people performing at the highest positions in corporates.

The natural result of the enhanced focus on soft skills has caused it to become a significant part of leadership training and development. McKinsey Consulting conducts a much sought-after program for leaders called ‘Personal Insight Workshops’ which focuses on personal development through understanding empathy and enhancing one’s awareness of restricting attitudes, beliefs and mindsets. Pramila Mathew, CEO of MMM Training Solutions, is certified in PIW and is part of the external facilitator network that conducts training for the clients of McKinsey Consulting.

The MMM methodology for creating and conducting training programs is to customize each program intricately to meet the needs and objectives of the organization. Having a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges help us to identify the skills and knowledge that will create the difference. Each program is interactive, participatory and includes readiness and reinforcement activities. The role-plays give the participants the ability to practice the skills and use it when they start work on the next day.

MMM Training Solutions has a team of experienced Soft Skills Trainers who approach training with both passion and knowledge.

All content on this website is written by Pramila Mathew.