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Voice and Accent Training

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Voice and Accent Training

Voice and Accent Training

What is Voice and Accent Training?

Voice and Accent Training is a systematic method to instill a neutral English accent. This method comprises of learning phonology or dialect of the language in question. In other words, it’s also recognized as accent alteration, de-accentation or accent neutralization training.

Accent Neutralization Program

Our Voice and Accent Training focuses on Accent Neutralization. This program is focused on helping the participants to comprehend their international clients with greater ease. The Accent Training provided by MMM Training Solutions creates a noticeable difference in the clarity and comprehensibility of the communication of the participants. English Accent Training is of particular importance in BPO Training, a direct impact of globalization.

Outsourcing can be simply put as the allocation of a company’s internal components to an external resource. Over the past couple of decades, outsourcing work from one country to another has grown tremendously. India has reaped the benefits of outsourcing mainly due to its pool of extremely educated English speakers. This trend where a developed country outsources it’s work to developing countries to reduce costs is still on-going. However, the native influence on enunciation has created restrictions with comprehension to a large degree. Hence, Accent neutralization training by MMM Training Solutions aids in increasing this facet of communication which then positively influences customer service.

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The training program where employees get to learn voice and accent, is focused on removing any mother tongue influence therefore developing a neutral English accent. The success of this program lies in the methodical approach to the training. There is great amount of importance placed on Phonetics and Intonation that are the two main areas that influence accent. There is further understanding on language once the participants undergo our English Language Training.

Accent Neutralization Training

Below are listed some of the important components of the Voice and Accent Training workshop conducted by MMM Training Solutions:

  • Phonetics/ Neutral Voice and Accent/ Pronunciation
  • Speech Mechanism/ Mouth and Face Relaxation Exercises
  • Vowel Sounds/Consonants Sounds
  • Syllable and Syllable Stress / Word Stress
  • Sentence Stress in English
  • Thought Groups and Pause
  • Program Specific word drill with Sentences
  • Articulation Exercises/ Reading Passages

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Accent Neutralization Training Outline


The objective of this training program will be to help participants understand and use a neutral English accent that can be easily understood by people from various cultures across the globe. The methodology will include a combination of presentations, activities, assignments, evaluations, practice and feedback.

Training Topics:

Accent Neutralization:

  • Identifying and dealing with Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)
  • Pronunciation
  • Vowel Sounds and Consonant Sounds
  • Using a neutral accent

Elements of Spoken Communication:

  • Inflection
  • Pausing
  • Reducing rate of speech
  • Volume and tone
  • Pitch
  • Clarity and enunciation

Practice Exercises:

  • Reading exercises to practice pronunciation, inflection and enunciation
  • Spoken communication exercises (extempore and presentations) to practice elements of rate of speech, pausing, inflection and tone of voice
  • Writing exercises to practice written communication skills
  • Individual and group activities that enable participants to practice their learning
  • Assignments that help enhance learning beyond the classroom sessions


  • Pre-training assessment conducted on spoken communication at the start of the training feedback
  • Individual feedback given to the participants on a regular basis during the sessions based on activities and assessments
  • Post-training assessment conducted on the final day of the training program with participants being given feedback and action plans
  • The results of the assessment and feedback will be made available to your organization

Training Hours:

  • Our recommendation is for 10 days
  • 40 hours of training including Assessments

MMM Training Solutions also conducts training programs in Communication Skills Training & Soft Skills Training that has proved to be extremely beneficial to corporate employees.