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The Indian Culture Training Courseware offered by MMM Training Solutions covers the important aspects of dealing with Indian stakeholders and cultural norms that one would have to respect if one were doing business in India or dealing with Indian colleagues, customers, vendors or teams.

Many an expat has been mystified by the way Indian business works. Dealing with stakeholders from the Indian culture requires a good understanding of the cultural ethos based on which Indians operate. This would require an understanding of various aspects of Indian society such as:

  • The importance of religions
  • The perspective of time
  • Indian festivals
  • The significance of relationships and family
  • The political system
  • The way money is valued and viewed
  • Factors that influence negotiations

Having a better understanding of the above mentioned factors enables one to be better prepared to deal with people from the Indian culture. If one observes the right protocols and blends in with the Indian culture (as opposed to being overwhelmed by it) there is a lot to be had in terms of creating successful business relationships and possibly friends for life.

Worshop Outline:


  • To aid participants in developing their skills to deal with Indian stakeholders by helpingk them understand:
    • The context of Indian business culture
    • Protocols to be followed when working with Indian stakeholders

Training Topics:

  • Cultural Awareness
    • Understanding climatic conditions
    • Learning about the various religions and languages
    • Relating to their lifestyle and work environment:
      • Marriages and festivals
      • Leisure, sport and entertainment
      • The political and education system
      • Dining etiquette and table manners
      • Normal work day/week
  • Indianisms
  • Business Awareness
    • Indian attitude towards spending and saving
    • The monetary system
    • Economic Scenario
    • Meetings and negotiations
    • Structure and Hierarchy
    • Work relationships
    • Attitudes and style
    • Pace of negotiation

Training Hours:

The program is designed to be an 8 hour session.


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