Conflict Resolution Training Material
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Conflict Resolution Training Material

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MMM Training Solutions

This training courseware on Conflict Resolution Skills is designed to increase competence in the areas ofassertive communication, positiveinfluencing skills, and conflict resolution. The focus is on real-life problems and challenges one faces in the workplace.

Through our training materials, Soft Skills trainers will be equipped to enable participant understanding as to how they can increase their effectiveness in getting things done - while building positive working relationships and avoiding aggressive or submissive behavior patterns.

  • Standing up for one's right and avoiding the feeling of being used like a 'door-mat'
  • Increasing influence by reducing aggressive behaviour
  • Remaining calm when dealing with conflict and difficult situations
  • Working more effectively with others through honest and open communication
  • Understanding others' underlying concerns and reach win-win situations
  • Assertively persuading others to reach a particular decision at a particular point in time

Training Topics:

  • Understanding conflict
    • Defining conflict
    • Understanding levels of conflict
    • Traditional ways of handling conflict
  • Persuasion
    • In-depth perception
    • Using others to persuade
    • Empathy
    • Managing emotions
  • Negotiation
    • Types of negotiation
    • Stages of negotiation
    • Skills of negotiation

Training Methodology:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Role Plays
  • Games and Group Activities
  • Case Studies

What You Get in our Soft Skills Training Courseware

MMM Training Solutions

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