What It Takes To Be A Successful Business Leader?

What It Takes To Be A Successful Business Leader?
I have always enjoyed watching epic war movies. Whether they were movies based on ancient history like ‘The Legend of Troy’ or more recent ones like ‘Saving Private Ryan’, I’ve always thought it captivating how the commanding general made decisions of great consequence under the intense pressure of a grueling war. To me, it seemed occasionally, that these men who were at the front lines of a raging war, with lives being lost all around them, were the epitome of the quintessential leader. I’ve often pondered over how I myself might function in a situation like that. Would I take the risks that leader took? Would I put my men in harm’s way for the greater good? How far would I go and at what cost, to accomplish the ultimate objective at hand? The questions are many and I can only speculate. But I speculate in awe of such leadership skills.

The stresses and strains of our modern urban life however carry a different sort of burden. Leaders are still needed today. Most of us still make decisions that cost incredible amounts of time, energy and people. And in our current corporate culture, those are invaluable assets that need to be utilized efficiently. Regardless of the nature of leadership required, there are certain leadership skills that leaders tend to have, that set them apart from the regular folk. Lets look at a few of these:

  • True leaders are trailblazers. They seldom take the conventional safe route and often prefer the road-less traveled. They make their own path, one that ordinary people have stayed away from. Risk taking is an important leadership trait because beneath the surface it reveals many other things about the leader – courage and unconventionality.
  • Leaders are not pressurized by negativity or criticism. Often even in a modern corporate environment, there are always skeptics and pessimists who will often tend to see the glass as half empty. The negative and discouraging words that they spew can be disillusioning. Other times, situations can just look plain bleak and difficult. But leaders are not moved by such odds. Instead a driven leader will often perceive an obstacle as fuel to drive him or her further to overcome the hurdle.
  • Leaders lead by example. They understand intuitively that the ‘buck stops with them’ and if they don’t take responsibility and step in, no one will. Leaders will put their own necks on the line in an effort to inspire others. When leaders are willing to be on the front lines, his or her team line up supportively.

Companies today understand the importance of Leadership Training Program and developing good quality leadership in every rank and department of their company. They understand the significance of people needing a model or a standard to look up to. And understandably they’re willing to invest in the making of such leaders: How top companies breed stars?

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One thought on “What It Takes To Be A Successful Business Leader?

  1. It is a common practice to say that management relates to Planning’ ends with Implementation/Execution’ and Leadership relates to Vision, Inspiration and Challenge.

    I strongly oppose to the statement that both Management and Leadership is different with each other, because, if one needs to be successful, he must have skills set on both activities, so it clear that I say, leadership will becomes central activity of Management i.e. Management works on “Planning&Implementation” and also “Inspires team members”i.e.(Leadership)

    Please don’t get confused, I’m right!
    Let’s see with below info:
    Let me explain in simplest manner;

    In a daily routine, For Ex:-I’m(Manager) responsible to see to it that the work done on time properly- effectively& efficiently, my work starts with planning’ till the work done(Implementation) and handed over to the client, during this process, many matters are involved; like

    Establishment of Priorities,
    Assignment of Work Load,
    Follow Up,
    Problem Solving,
    Performance Assessment and Implementation.

    So, while Assignment of work load, Delegation,Decision Making, Meetings, Training, Follow up etc.., One must definitely understand the Management skills on above all activities.

    My work will not get done unless and until I posses managerial skills.
    My work style must go like these on above all activities;

    ·On assignment of work load; I must see to it that to assigns the work to those who are expertise in related field.

    .When it comes on Follow Up; I must see to provide the team members with opportunities and mentoring.

    ·On a course of Decision making process; I must be very careful by Analysis&Reasoning.

    ·I must fully understand how business process in my department operates.

    ·On matters of Transparency; I let all the team members know what’s going on around them in the organization.

    It is also management’s duty to make the team most powerful, like;

    Authority- assigning of powers.
    Delegation- Establishment&Assigning of work and making team Accountable”.
    Promotions& Transfers,
    Awards& Rewards,
    Training, and

    Now,coming up to the point “Leadership”
    Building Relationships,Encouragement and Inspiration/Motivation.

    people says on the differences of Management and Leadership;
    Leader says “WE”
    Leader earns “Respect”
    Leader generates “Enthusiasms”
    Leader show “how its done”
    Leader gives “Credit”.

    Now, I strictly say;
    Please don’t low price the manager’s role;
    He is Technical Man.
    He is Disciplined, Self Motivated, Punctual,Hard Worker and Determination towards the work.

    Please Note:
    If we think that manager don’t care of what leader believes and practices the things like (Respect, We, Enthusiasms and Credit).
    Do you all think that his work/Project will get done On time effectively and efficiently thru the people???


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