Intuitive Selling: The Secret behind Sales Success

Intuitive selling: The Secret behind Sales SuccessToo many organizations spend millions on sales training programs that does not give the desired outcome. When sales training does not meet the end objectives, the organization fixes the blame on the quality of trainer and the trainer fixes the blame on the quality of delegates who were trained. An honest introspection will bring both parties to concede that the training program’s failure was the result of poor choice of content.

In my early days as a sales professional I went about trying every, so called, tricks of the trade that the sales gurus suggested for sales success. Very soon I realized sales success does not depend on sales gimmicks. All it did was to project myself as someone who was desperate for a sale.

Sadly many sales training workshops are like the thousands of ‘selling skill’ books in the market. These are rich with anecdotes and inspirational quotes but rarely tells you the secret behind sales success. In fact I have come across hundreds of books with the title “The Art of Selling….” If selling is an art, is it practical to train sales people in a day or two and expect them to produce results? Then there are books that are titled “The science behind sales…” If selling were just science or just skill, wouldn’t the most experienced sales people automatically be the most successful ones? But we all know such claims are far from the truth.

To begin with the components and structure of sales training modules cannot be the same for B2B sales, B2C sales, channel sales and retail sales. The truth about selling is to believe and accept that the situation presented by every customer is unique. How you get to the essence of the situation, which is unique, can be a skill learnt. However, how you provide solutions for the unique situation that is presented, may be an art. Therefore sales success simply depends on the ability to offer effective solutions to customer situations

Until recently I have been searching for a concrete answer to the question why some sale people are able to offer better solutions than others. An article written by William Duggan on ‘strategy+business’ magazine, threw light on a new paradigm. According to this article, idea-generation happens when new information combines with similar information stored in our ‘intelligent memory.

When you have new information, the brain takes the new information to the memory bank and searches for information that are similar. The existing information that is most similar to the new information is now combined. This combination is nothing but a thought or an idea. And the ability to search for similar information and combine with new information is called intuition. A clear mind is all it requires to be intuitive.

This means that when a new situation is described by the customer the sales person needs to let intuition take over. When you allow intuition to take over, the brain takes the new information and searches your intelligent memory for existing informations that are similar. Once the match is found the brain combines the new information with the existing information. The resultant combination is what we refer to as a solution to the customer’s situation. The human brain has the ability to conduct this complex activity within fractions of a second. This shows why some sales people are able to give better solutions and are more successful. 

Sales Training programs that focus on intuitive selling are bound to give better results than your conventional sales training programs. MMM Training solutions offers sales training programs  that equips sales people to offer effective solutions to customer and thus improve their performance and that of their organization.