How Presentation Skills can be like a Movie Screenplay?

How Presentation Skills can be like a Movie Screenplay?
The need to effectively communicate one’s thoughts and ideas is the ideological ‘parent’ of modern Presentation Skills and its accompanied training. With the evolution of technology and faster pace of businesses today, it is vital for companies to refine their training skills to keep up with dynamics of modern corporate culture.

Everybody loves movies. It is that universally acclaimed format of entertainment that has no barriers of race, caste, sex or age. This is because movies essentially tell stories, fictional or non-fictional. And everybody loves stories. Often it is thought that a movie director’s most important role is deciding who plays what, how the sequence of a scene should play out and what actors should be doing to get into the character. But there is more to movie making than that. Often a significant component of films that often goes unappreciated is screenplay. It is not just about ‘what’ happens on screen but ‘how it looks’ when it happens. A good example of this is the 2002 horror film, ‘The Ring’, where throughout the movie the director used a ‘greenish’ lens filter to create a gloomy and surreal mood to the movie. Add to that a somber soundtrack and the watcher is caught up in the mood of the movie. Screenplays are presentation skills at its best.

Presentation skills are an art that can be learnt and/or developed. And when done well, it adds mood, essence and even personality to whatever is being presented. But it’s not all about arbitrariness. There is also a science to it and it can be done systematically and with a certain methodology. Some tips to remember when giving a presentation are:

  1. Setting the stage – Presenting the current ‘landscape’ is a good way to begin. This sets up the listener to zero in on the pros, cons and changes that might be suggested as they show up.
  2. Projecting the Vision – Next would be the actual projection or ‘vision’ of the project wherein the presenter might suggest a change or a course of action that might bring about improvements, savings or benefits depending on what the project is.
  3. Suggesting Action Plans – The final stage would be the actual process of execution or implementation of the ideas, whether it involves specific roles by individuals or departments or by any other means. Presenting the ‘game plan’ for how to go about achieving the vision is a solid way to finish the presentation. 

Of course these presentation skills may vary depending on the company, service or product. But the principles of methodology still remain. Companies though diverse still hold to tried and tested methods that have worked for decades.

Presentation Skills Training  is a crucial component to corporate vision and communication and is vital to the healthy functioning of any systemized organization or structure.

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