An Unusual Love Story Provides Lessons on Leadership

Today being Valentine’s Day, we thought we would write about a love story that we do not often hear about – a love shared between a horse and a puppy. This poignant ad by Budweiser won the hearts of people because of its simple message of ‘love knowing no boundaries’.

An orphaned puppy did not allow the boundaries of his world to limit him. A good-looking stallion did not allow the kind of animal and its size to express his feeling of love. Both the puppy and the horse fought till the last, a battle that they felt was worth fighting while others perceived it as a ‘battle that could never be won’. This powerful mindset enabled them to experience the victory, the victory that brought them together, just the way they wanted.

This 60-second ad contained some powerful leadership lessons. Here are 3 that were significant for me:

  • Different is not wrong; different is different

Peter Drucker famously stated that management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”. But would accommodating something different mean doing something wrong? Often we immediately reject something that is varied from what we are familiar with. This interferes with our ability to explore unexplored paths, as anything that is new is unfamiliar. Our inability to accept and adjust to differences is usually the major contributing factor to inadequate cross cultural communication skills in organizations.

  • Overcome Challenges

The boundaries created by our challenges in our life often stop us from striving to reach higher levels. Once we realize that for every amazing achievement there ought to be a struggle to start with, we will start looking at challenges differently. It is the struggle in the cocoon that gives the strength in the butterfly’s wings that gives it the ability to soar! Effective  leadership  is the result of good role-modeling.

  • Persevere Until You Succeed

It is easy to give up on something that does not give you results; especially when what you are trying is unconventional. Many a time people have given up on something without realizing that success was just about to manifest. Trying a little bit harder and a little while longer would have got them the success. What would have happened to us if Edison had abandoned the project of the light bulb at the 1000th failure? Programs that challenge the leaders to function outside their comfort zone provide the best training for leaders.

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm”. —Publilius Syrus. But the essence of leadership lies in accepting the differences, overcoming all odds and persevering till it’s done.

The cross cultural training   program conducted by MMM Training Solutions  focuses on accepting the differences provided by cultural diversity. Since our work environments are global now, our cross cultural business training is an important part of our leadership training program . In life it is not the challenges that are important but it is the attitude that you have towards your challenges determines your destiny