Softskills Training Modules for Aspiring Trainers

In today’s scenario the only solution to stay ahead of the competition for any organization is to develop the skills-sets of its employees on both domain knowledge and ‘Soft Skills’. One gets to acquire domain expertise through formal education or knowledge gained through experience.

But how does one acquire ‘Soft Skills’ and do ‘Soft Skills’ really matter?

On many occasions we have encountered situations where we have to call the customer service department of a telephone service provider to lodge a complaint.  The response given by the customer service representative leaves us with a delightful, satisfied or bad experience. If the customer service representative not only supports you in sorting the problem but takes a very professional approach in handling your call, they will leave a lasting impression in your mind. On the contrary, if the representative displays apathetic behavior towards your complaint, it leaves you with a bad experience.

Any organization that is into a client-servicing business has to ensure that all its employees are trained well in ‘Soft Skills’ to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Companies have started to train their employees of different levels starting from blue collar employees like office assistants, chauffeurs, and cleaners to white collar employees from different functions like administration, human resources, marketing, customer service, purchase management, finance etc.

Organizations seek the support of both internal and external trainers to train their employees on Soft Skills. The trainers buy the Soft Skills training materials developed by experts in the industry and customize the material according to their requirement.

These training materials are created based on extensive research and experience gained through the success of training programs delivered by the training experts. They bring together the content which has worked well across industries and achieved the desired learning objectives.

The training materials have both facilitator and participant guides to help the trainer to deliver the training seamlessly. Each slide of the PowerPoint (PPT) is explained with notes for the trainer, which can be used to explain the concept. These materials support the trainers immensely as it gives them a clear layout and the trainer needs to do very little to tweak the content as per their training needs.

MMM Training Solutions have developed training materials on various topics in the area of ‘soft skills’. The trainer can purchase these materials online, and the materials are sent via e-mail immediately on receipt of payment. The materials contain a PowerPoint presentation of the topic, facilitator guide, participant guide and handouts (if any). Apart from training modules the trainer can also purchase training objects like case studies, games, activities and role plays that can make their training experiential.

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