Management Coaching And Its Position In Business Houses

Are you disappointed about the low performance of your employees? Have you tried to probe into the matter accurately? If these two issues are acting as a hindrance force in the path of your company’s growth, then, I would like introduce modern ways of rectifying flaws without lagging behind. Since, the level of expectations will always keep on adding up due to high competition. However, rather than sidelining the influencing concerns, you have to organize management coaching sessions for your executives. Theme of mentoring must be based on the business operations of your company for receiving the best results. Practically speaking, I want to advise you to plan training events innovatively adding variants of mind-boggling activities.

These activities are aimed at gathering participants and showing them the power of collectiveness. In my opinion, the trainer has to include all those aspects that can improve the management skills of staff members effectively.

Coming back to team building and teamwork, it will not be wrong to say that when aspirants think alike, yet having varied point of views, then, these activities encourage them to bring their views forth. In the entire process, beneficiaries are the participants who learn to become frank and even develop self-confidence to perform remarkably for their company. Building your team is a primary asset which needs to be realized sooner or later, but, the principal idea is to impart learning of management smoothly. Last, but not the least, business mentoring should be a part of every organization without compromising its quality to groom budding professionals in rapid process.

Making a Sustainable Change

With the emergence of BPOs in India, housewives got an opportunity to teach English and the simpler aspects of Customer Service. But with the boom of the Indian economy competitors for this space started to spring up all over the world. This demanded that the Indian taskforce has to be on a path of continuous improvement, which, in turn, mandated a higher level of capabilities in the trainers. Since this industry got a late start in India, accomplished trainers are still hard to come by. So we at MMM Training Solutions, being a soft skills training consultancy, pondered as to how we could contribute to this situation.


At this point, I saw the movie ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’. This film is about a fisheries expert who is recruited to help realize a sheikh’s vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the Yemen desert. The intent of the sheikh was to ensure that water was plentiful in the desert and that fly-fishing was a trade that the locals could benefit from. However, he did not consider the fact that the locals, for generations, had only lived in the desert. He also did not take their opinions or get them ready for the change. This venture was an exercise in futility as the locals sabotaged it.


Anytime a change is being initiated, three things need to happen:

  1. The people need to be informed and they need to see the wisdom in the change.
  2. Clear and systematic plan for the change needs to be laid out.
  3. People have to be taught the new ways of doing things.


Because of the competition in the marketplace, the first two items were already addressed. Hence, MMM Training Solutions decided that we would go to the root of the issue and increase the capabilities of the trainers. We decided to conduct Open House Train the Trainer Programs all over the country. We have already conducted two in Chennai and the accolades received spurred us to conduct the next one in Mumbai on Feb 22, 23 and 24.