Online Training – A Platform for Leadership Development?

After 25 years of conducting face-to-face leadership training, one day I was introspecting on the new buzzword ‘Adaptive Leadership’. So I asked myself, “Am I an adaptive leader? With all the technological advances, am I hiding behind face-to-face training because it is in my comfort zone?”

So what are the issues that businesses are faced with today? Rapidly changing environments, overworked staff, attrition and the lack of time for leadership development. Online training………… I pondered; it will be able to provide the training amidst these challenges. But the thought of online training invoked a lot of negative emotions in me. I shrugged away the thought instantly. But as soon as I did this I quietly questioned the flexibility of my leadership.

But the universe has an amazing way of pushing you into your areas of discomfort. Two days later I was in my office when I got a call from a French woman who wanted to explore the feasibility of conducting online training for her staff from USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and India. I was candid about my fears about the efficacy. But she had done her homework and encouraged me to conduct a pilot.

And we did……. And I am glad we did because the audience thoroughly enjoyed it and could not stop talking about the benefits. This outstanding success led MMM Training Solutions to launch soft skills training using the online platform. The advantages are many and the most significant are: short sessions, lower training costs, trainees can do it from their desks, they can interact with their peers sitting in different parts of the world.

The main challenge is that the topics have to carefully chosen and the content has to be designed with careful attention to the fact that there is no video available. But as we ran the programs we saw clearly that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Our French client summed it up when she simply said, “Superb”.

Come join us for our second free online training session, which we will be conducting on April 16th at 7pm Indian Standard Time. Space is limited so sign up at the earliest by sending your name and email id to