Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I recently read an excerpt of Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address that was published by the Stanford Report dated June 14th, 2005. His closing lines revealed an amazing idea of inspiration in me.

Jobs credited the birth of this caption to a publication called The Whole Earth Catalog. This magazine was synonymous to today’s Google and other search engines – and according to the founder and CEO of Apple and Pixar Studios, it was “idealistic and overflowing with neat tools and great notions.” When this magazine rolled out its last publication in the mid 1970s, the back cover carried a picture of an early morning country road. Beneath it were the words: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

At the first glance, this catchy caption would not make much sense to the busy internet reader. But when I gave it a few seconds of thought, the idea dawned onto me. Firstly, it essentially means that we should always remain restless for knowledge. Secondly, and more importantly, it means never to be proud – we should always be under the impression that we do not know much. This feeling would in turn further fuel the thirst for knowledge, whereby we constantly persist in attaining it.

It is a well understood fact that knowledge is like an ocean. It needs to constantly wet the shores of your mind and bring wisdom. It is like oil to the lamp that burns bright on a dark night. With the knowledge we have, others should be able to light their candles.

Ever endeavour to acquire knowledge.
Never fall into the bottomless pit of know-it-all.
I encourage all of you to: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

It’s A Wonderful Life

I recently watched an Oscar nominated 1946 English classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life” , by Frank Capra and starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. The story is set shortly after WW – II, and is about a deeply depressed but good man who gains the attention of his guardian angel. The movie, loosely based on Philip Van Doren Stern’s short story, “The Greatest Gift” is a beautifully woven eye-opener that gets viewers to see the brighter side of life.

Human beings are a progressive lot. We have the inborn nature and ability to succeed in whatever we do. This is why we strive to achieve perfection in our work, life and all that we set out to accomplish.

Take the instance of the golfer. Every golfer tries to drive the ball to a long distance. In the process, errors tend to occur because the game involves the strategic coordination of simultaneous movements. The golf coach always
advises that direction is more important than distance.

This is indeed the same with life. Despite one’s best attempts, there always will be ups and downs. The factors that stand between success and an individual maybe many – family pressure, commitments and work, to name a few. We need to focus upon having a deeper perception about what is occurring around us to be able to rise above our circumstances.

While we are at it, we should remember never to fall into mediocrity and the false feeling of self sufficiency; they are vices detrimental to our growth and success. Constantly endeavour to develop yourself through learning. Enhance your skills through soft skills training. We offer a range of Soft Skills Training to enhance one’s career skills and progress during the economic slump – communication skills training, leadership training, time management training and stress management training, to name a few. Our post training Corporate Programs evaluation have shown a substantial positive increase in organizational productivity (For further reference, please feel free to visit

Don’t let the economic recession dampen your spirit of creativity and the fire of enthusiasm – it may look like there is nothing much to look forward to during this dark spell – but take it as a learning period. Things will always look brighter after a while – and when the time comes, you don’t want to be unprepared. It helps to realize that by using one’s potential to the maximum, there is a feeling of achievement, joy and satisfaction. In other words, let success be defined internally for you. When happiness emerges from within you, better satisfaction is gained than trying to gain appreciation from external sources.

In relation to this context, it is worthwhile to remember the saying, “The night is always darkest before dawn.” In today’s age where recession has gripped the global economy with fear, we should smartly and diligently work with the perception that there is hope for the future. Today, we can make the best happen through what we have. Now is the time to work shoulder to shoulder with each other to navigate choppy waters.

Now is the time to look to the future and say, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Roger Federer Does It Again

On 5th July, 2009 Roger Federer recreated magic by the epic win of his sixth Wimbledon Crown and a record 15th Grand Slam Trophy. The 27 year old Swiss is now honoured with the title of being the most successful man in tennis.

Federer had been in the news earlier because of the fact that he did not have a coach. At a time when he was struggling in his career, tennis experts had a unified view that he needed to be coached. But Federer’s deep understanding of himself helped him to realize that his stubborn professional personality would not yield easily to being under the authority of a coach. This fact, however, did not deter him from achieving his aim. He single-mindedly focused on being the best; and now, after surpassing former champion Pete Sampras’ record of the highest Grand Slam Trophy holder, Federer has proved that he is the best, beyond a shadow of doubt.

What is the secret behind Roger Federer’s success?

This is a question that can be answered by anyone who knows Federer. Most of this success can be owed to his undeniable grit and sheer determination in the game, which allowed him to strategize and formulate his moves in the final match at Wimbledon against Andy Roddick. Brilliant that he is at tennis, his resounding success would not have been possible unless he put in undivided focused energy towards his goal.

Federer has shown that life is a journey with cobbles along the way, but what makes the difference is the manner in which these are perceived – they are either tripping stones to failure, or stepping stones to success.

MMM Training Solutions congratulates Roger Federer, Wimbledon Champion 2009, for his persistence, positive outlook in life and never say die attitude; all of which has given him the glory that the world now applauds.